I studied art and design more than ten years ago at the Port Elizabeth Technikon and have made a living from my art since then. Paintings and people fill up my days and I love spending time with both. Painting is sometimes incredibly hard work and leaves me exhausted but satisfied as a piece comes together after much frustration and perseverance. Other times it comes easy and can be refreshing and entertaining. I dislike pretense and love honesty and realness. My hope is that this shows in my art.

Often my work is about people, their beauty, bravery and brokenness. Sometimes my style can be described as emotional impressionism,capturing a momentary mood. Other times my work tells a story – different stories depending on the viewer. Feel free to ignore stories and emotions and just to enjoy my work for colour and textures’ sake. I go through subject matters quickly and often run with new ideas: naïve folk art landscapes, abstracts, clay jars and whatever comes to mind next. I have lived in the Middle East and Soviet Union I have also traveled in India and South America exploring other cultures. My travel definitely has influenced my work. Nature, peoples’ stories and the Bible inspire me. I experience painting as a form of worship, rather than just a job.

design : jon de wet
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